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Still strong

Happy reunion of sisters.

Happy Birthday, Josiah!

Praise God, Abby hasn't been febrile since yesterday afternoon. She is still feeling a little nauseous now and then but we're able to keep that fairly well under control with medication. We are told that the worst of the Melphalan can hit a few days after the actual infusion. So, hopefully the nausea will improve.

Abby's counts are still fine, although we expect them to plummet any day. However, she is still eating a fair amount so they haven't started any IV nutrition yet. We are quite pleased about that. Please praise God for that blessing and pray that she will continue to eat for as long as possible.

Today was big brother, Josiah's 9th birthday. The whole family as well as Grandpa and Grandma crowded into Abby's room for ice cream cake. Abby even ate some cake!

It's hard to believe we are 9 days into our stay in the hospital. We continue to thank you for your prayers on our behalf. We are so grateful.

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