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Moved to Princess Room

Last night late the UMC staff informed us that the Princess Room was clean and ready to be occupied, so around 10:00 PM Amy and Abby packed up all their stuff and moved across the hall. Abby is very excited. We'll post some pictures as soon as we have them.

You might recall us mentioning that this is one of the 6 rooms that was made-over by the Extreme Makeover team.

On a less happy note, Abby experienced a seizure this morning. This is not unexpected, the Busulfan is known to lower what they call the "seizure threshold" in patients, and Abby has a lower seizure threshold than most kids getting this treatment. Please pray that she will have no more seizures. They have increased her Dilantin dose and also have Ativan on hand to help combat this. She is on day 3 of 5 days of the Busulfan, her last dose should be at 4 PM on Friday.

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