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We received the MRI report today. There appear to be two "worrisome areas" noted by the radiologist. One is an area that appears larger than in the last scan and one is a new area. We are waiting for a radiation oncologist to view the MRI and compare it with the plan they designed for Abby's stereotactic radiosurgery. We need to know if the radiosurgery had any effect on the tumor sites they targeted. We should hear from the radiation oncologist on Friday.

Dr. Graham is willing to continue with the transplant, but is definitely concerned about the MRI results. He would like to see some other type of treatment along with the transplant such as more radiosurgery. We did speak to Dr. Shafron and he does not recommend traditional surgery at this point.

Please pray for wisdom as we process this new information and make decisions about what to do next. We know that God will lead us along the path that is His will for us. His ways are much greater than we could ever imagine and He has proven Himself incredibly faithful to us throughout our journey.

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