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We have just about everything packed for our departure tomorrow. Abby is scheduled for her PET scan at 11 am. C.R. will take her and they will come to Tucson when she's done. In the meantime the rest of the kids and I will pack up our stuff into my father's truck and head down early to get settled in our rental.

Abby is due to admit at UMC on Monday. So, this weekend we will be celebrating Elizabeth's birthday and Father's Day (they are on the same day this year!) as well as Josiah's birthday a little early. Josiah wanted to be sure Abby was with him for his "party".

Please continue to pray that God will prepare us for what lies ahead. Pray that we will be physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready and that God will use us in any way He wants while we are in Tucson.

We will continue to post as often as we can.

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