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MRI and Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Abby had an MRI yesterday, she did great, plus she had the best port access and de-access experience ever. She just said "ouch" when the port needle was inserted, and when we were ready to take the needle out she peeled all the tape off almost completely by herself with very little complaining. I was so proud of her!

Unfortunately the MRI confirms that there are two more areas of suspected recurrence that were deeper than Dr. Shafron wanted to go.

We are going to try to obliterate these areas with stereotactic radiosurgery, which does not require an actual incision, but works by focusing several weak beams of radiation on a central spot. Then we will followup with either 2 or 3 more rounds of chemotherapy like we discussed before.

Please pray that we can get everything scheduled for the SR posthaste. Dr. Graham is worried that we will end up delaying treatment like we did before. There are a lot of little "parts" to the SR procedure that need to come together.

Through all the stress, pain, frustration, and panic God remains. He has been like a blanket over us, covering us and "lifting our heads" when there seems to be no hope. We of course have no idea why he wants us to walk this path, there are certainly many reasons, but we like to think God's glory has been demonstrated in Abby and ourselves.

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