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Unexpected events

Our weekend was filled with some surprises. First, on Friday morning I was gathering up Abby's jacket off the floor for her to wear to school and was stung by a scorpion. We thank God that it was me instead of her and that my reaction was mild. My finger hurt a lot the first day and the feeling of numbness traveled up my arm. I even felt a little numbness in my fingertips on the opposite hand. However, I experienced none of the breathing or vision difficulties that some people report. I am still functioning without the use of my index finger, but the feeling returns a little more each day.

The second event of our weekend was having to bring Abby to the hospital ER. On Saturday morning, our family attended Josiah's flag football game and went out to lunch afterwards. At the restaurant, she claimed she felt dizzy, had a headache and felt sick to her stomach. She basically lost her whole lunch and continued to vomit on our way home. The thing that concerned us most was that her reactions became almost slow motion and she got a "glazed" look in her eyes. She responded to our questions, but everything took a great deal of time. We called our oncologist who said we needed to bring her in. We spent almost 12 hours in the ER. She had labwork, a CT scan and they gave her fluids with an anti-nausea medication. Neither the labs nor the CT showed anything alarming (preliminarily)...praise God. They need to get her archived CT scans to compare them this week.

Today she is pretty normal, with good appetite, plenty of energy, and cheery smiles. She had a mild headache that dissipated by the end of the day. At the suggestion of the ER physican we're starting her back on the Keppra. Tomorrow we will navigate the medical maze, trying to figure out which of her many doctors we need to consult with next.

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