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PET Scan Next

We saw both Dr. Abella, one of our oncologists, and Abby's favorite doctor Dr. Shafron today. Both found some flares on her MRI that they would like to get further information on. These areas could be 1) Due to her radiation therapy, 2) Due to the contrast they inject you with to actually do the MRI, or 3) new tumor.

The best way at this point to know what's up is to have a PET scan. Abby had one before, just before her second surgery to help us tell if she really needed the second surgery. If the PET scan shows that those areas are NOT metabolically active then it's nothing to worry about. So that's how we are going to pray.

Abby still feels great, has plenty of energy and is cheerful. Thanks so much for praying!

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Results tomorrow

The MRI went well today. We will meet with the oncologist and neurosurgeon tomorrow to discuss the results.

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