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9:15 Tomorrow

OK, Thank God, we are scheduled to meet with both Dr. Shafron and Dr. Abella tomorrow at 9:15.

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Some news

We just heard from Dr. Shafron. Unfortunately, his current take on the situation is pretty similar to what we knew before--it appears that there is some active tumor from the PET scan *but* even the PET scan can sometimes read false positive because of the same radiation-induced change that might enhance on an MRI.

He is hoping that he can get a different radiologist to look at the PET tomorrow, comparing it side-by-side with the MRI, and also looking at it himself.

Our goal right now is to get that second read on the PET, and also get Dr. Shafron, our oncologist (Dr. Abella), and possibly our radiation oncologist Dr. Sapozink all together for a meeting on Wednesday so we can decide what to do next. Our options appear to be: 1) Do nothing, because the enhanced area is due to the radiation therapy and is not tumor, 2) Undergo a third surgery, because the enhancing area is adjacent to the original tumor bed, and thus is operable (but with the same risks we had before), 3) Undergo another round of chemotherapy, or 4) some combination of 2 and 3. We are unsure right now if another course of radiation therapy is an option.

Like we have written before, we still ask God "why?"--we don't know what His purpose or intent might be. We can only trust that Scripture has not changed, and that what it told us yesterday is the same as what it says today. That promise is clear, He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. His plan for us remains perfect.

But that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt sometimes.

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