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We have a tentative plan to go home tomorrow!!! After we saw Dr. P this morning the "team" (nurses, nutritionist, social worker etc.) mobilized and started working out the details. There is a lot more that needs to happen to make this discharge work. First, Abby will switch off the morphine pump to an oral morphine medication. Second, Abby needs to take in about 300 calories today to ensure that she is actually capable of eating/drinking something. Right now she's working on a Banner Food & Nutrition department smoothie. She's doing well, even though it's not Jamba Juice :) Also, the Home Health people need to put together all the necessary medications as well as IV nutrition (until Abby is able to take in all her calories by mouth). Finally, the hospital needs to wade through all the necessary red tape so we can bring her in on Sunday and Monday to be examined and to check her labs (our oncology office isn't open on the weekends).

God Bless you for your faithful, fervent prayers! Her ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is 100 today compared to 30 yesterday and 8 the day before. We're moving up! Keep praying that we will see no infections while she is still neutropenic and that those counts will keep climbing up. Also, pray for all the details to work out for our departure tomorrow.

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