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Here we go

Abby's stem cell infusion went well yesterday. Praise God her red cell count stayed stable all weekend and still seems to be holding on. Dr. Graham told us that the drugs that she received this round aren't as hard on the red cells as the Vincristine she had last time.

Abby is now neutropenic and experiencing some pretty nasty mouth and throat sores. This is a new and unpleasant symptom, but she seems to be handling it as well as possible. She couldn't eat anything this morning, and swallowing her medications was quite painful. We will be stocking up on popsicles for a while now.

Tomorrow we are due to take her in for a platelet transfusion. Next Monday we will begin injecting neupogen into her line. Praise God she doesn't have to give herself the shots anymore! Then we will just monitor her counts and see when she recovers.

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