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We had a pretty good night. Abby was able to tolerate her pain with Tylenol. She says the mouth sores aren't too bothersome, but the throat sores are making it impossible for her to eat anything but liquids. She asked for Tylenol with Codine this morning so my guess is that the throat pain is pretty bad (Abby has an incredibly high pain tolerance). She received platelets last night and is receiving red cells right now.

So far, there is no sign of any infection, praise God. Keep praying it stays that way!

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Abby developed a fever this afternoon that brought us to the office to check her counts. The doctors decided to admit her and start a stronger IV antibiotic. Dr. Graham had prescribed a prophylactic antibiotic which we were delivering at home. They are checking her new line as well as her port for any infections. If her fever stays down and none of her lines show infections, Abby will be discharged in 24 to 48 hours. It looks like she is ready to get her platelet transfusion and is very close to needing red cells. So, my gues is this is her body's typical way of saying, "I'm going to need some blood".

You can praise God with us that her fever developed during the day which saved us from a visit to the ER. You can also praise God that the new oncology unit here is so quiet and peaceful. We will certainly get some good rest.

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