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Abby's quilt

Abby enjoying her new quilt

A big thanks to all the Northwest Bible Church kids and grownups who took the time to put together this beautiful quilt. Abby loves all the cheery pictures and the silky satin material!

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A reason for headaches

Well, after a somewhat long day yesterday, we now know why Abby has had lingering headaches. Our oncologist sent us for a CT scan where they discovered that Abby has a sinus infection. She is now on antibiotics so hopefully she will continue to feel better. She only asked for Tylenol today...she doesn't like how the morphine makes her feel.

We're so proud of Abby. She is having to swallow about 8 pills a day in addition to drinking her regular medication (and they aren't tiny pills). I can't believe she is actually able to swallow it, but as much as she hates it, she does it anyway. In addition, she also has to have an injection of neupogen every day for 14 days following each chemo treatment. She has decided that she wants to learn to do it to herself.

Abby's appetite isn't very good, but it's hard to tell if it's a result of her chemo or her congestion. Please pray that her appetite will pick up and that she will become interested in some favorite foods again.

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