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So far Abby is tolerating her chemo as well as can be expected. She has received her Vincristine,Cisplatin, and Cytoxan. Tomorrow she will receive Cytoxan again. She got sick once last night, but other than that the anti-nausea medications seem to be doing the job. One medication she received for nausea this morning made her feel a little "drunk" which she didn't appreciate too much, but she isn't complaining any more than I did when my ears were plugged up with fluid last week!

Another interesting symptom Abby has been suffering from (which the nurses insist isn't a result of the chemo) is that she has had hiccups 5 times so far today and they have lasted up to 30 minutes each time! If that is the worst of her symptoms then, we praise God!

Keep praying for her kidneys and bladder to be protected from damage. They are giving her preventative medications to help that. You can also pray for an ability for Abby, C.R. and I to fall back to sleep easily. They have to check Abby's urine every 2 hours day and night so we are interrupted OFTEN!

Thanks for keeping us covered!

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