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Fatigue update

C.R. and Abby returned from the oncologist in time for dinner tonight so we're posting this update a little later. Sorry to keep you waiting, but our 4 children are less patient than you all :) Anyway, Dr. Abella believes it is quite possible that Abby is reacting to the radiation treatment. Every patient is different so it isn't unusual for her to start feeling the fatigue this long after treatment has ended. Still, they checked her counts which look good and they are culturing her blood to check for mono. If she doesn't improve by the end of the week, they will move her MRI up sooner than the 16th.

We also now have the chemo schedule. Abby is scheduled for a start date of September 17 when she will be admitted to the hospital for 4 days and we will go to Tucson on Tuesday, September 21 for her stem cell infusion. We'll keep you posted on that timeline if anything changes.

Thanks for praying!

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