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Within hours of when I posted last, Abby developed a pretty bad headache along with the usual vomiting. She spent most of the evening last night on the couch. We all prayed fervently that the Decadron we gave her between the times she got sick would be absorbed enough to remove the headache. Even little Elizabeth asked to pray for Abby's headache.

We praised God this morning when Abby's headache was gone, but she was left with some more significant weakness on her left side and spent most of the day sleeping. This evening she asked that we all read the "funnies" (comics) and play a round of Scrabble. That was a fun time together.

We now have her on 6 mg. of Decadron a day (instead of 4 or less which we were hoping for). We will see our oncologist tomorrow some time to discuss the increased dose.

Please pray that we will continue to keep our eyes on the God who holds the future and knows our trials.

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