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We've spent the past few weeks enjoying many exciting activities and spending time with special people.

Abby's Temodar cycle was fairly uneventful. We tried using a new anti-nausea drug, but it didn't work like her typical one so we went back to the Zofran and she was fine the rest of the week.

We praise God that Abby continues to be free from headaches, although the increased dose of Decadron (which is keeping the headaches away) has caused some upset stomach, an increase in a need for food, more swelling in her face and body and more frequent mood swings (what we fondly refer to as "Decadron moments"). This week we are decreasing her Decadron dose by 1/2 mg per day. We hope to wean her down another 1/2 mg next week.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us. It is such a comfort to know we are being lifted up by so many wonderful people. God Bless you all!

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