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Successful Performance

Abby, Daddy and Mommy at the Scrub Ball

Lindsay, Alex, Jessica, Abby, and Audrey (laying down)


Abby, Lindsay, Jessica, Audrey, and Alex had a successful performance at Saturday's Scrub Ball put on by Positive Impact. Everybody we spoke to said they really added something to the program, which was a high compliment since they were in the company of Tommy Lasorda and our own local favorite Jineane Ford, not to mention the countless others that either were part of the entertainment portion of the program, or worked tirelessly to pull off the evening.

Abby and her friends were treated also to a night at the Buttes resort. The following morning they arose for devotionals with Amy and went swimming in the resort pool, and even got to go down the water slide in the pool complex.

Abby continues to feel well, for which we give hearty thanks and praise to God. She went to bed complaining of a little numbness in her fingers, but she is due for a Decadron dose in the morning, so hopefully that will help keep these symptoms under control.

Our week ahead is filled with homeschooling, which Amy recently started back up. Abby and Josiah continue to enjoy it, especially when combined with their once-a-week session at Eagleridge Enrichment Program

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