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TV appearance

We've had lots of people asking how Abby's TV appearance went. So, here's the run down. C.R., Josiah and Abby went to the studio and met with Jineane Ford and Pam Gerber, the representative from Positive Impact. Then they waited in the "green room" for their turn.

President Bush preempted their spot a bit with his speech so the interview was shortened, however, Jineane was able to encourage people to attend the Scrub Ball as well as highlight many of the silent auction items that will be available. Abby got to hold a Shih Tzu- Poo puppy (which she named "Lizzie" because she is "curious like little Elizabeth") and wear a Sapphire/Diamond pendant. Both are auction items for the ball. Pam mentioned that Abby would be dancing at the ball to represent the types of families that Positive Impact helps. Although Abby said very little, her smile hopefully won the hearts of some people and encouraged more people to attend the Ball.

After the show, C.R., Abby and Josiah got to sample some of the food from the cooking portion of the program as well as enjoy a short tour of the studio. The whole experience was very special to all of them.

Would you all be praying for God to use Abby (and her friends Alex, Audrey, Jessica and Lindsay) for His glory in their dance on Saturday? We firmly believe our involvement in the Scrub Ball has a divine purpose. Abby's website will appear in the program so more people will be able to come hear how our faithful, great and loving Savior has carried and continues to lead us in Abby's journey.

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TV Promo

This morning we got an unexpected call from one of the Scrub Ball organizers asking if Abby would mind appearing on TV in a live promo spot for the event and Positive Impact in general. At first, Abby was a little apprehensive, but as soon as we determined that Josiah could go with her, and reminded her that this is another opportunity to possibly help draw people to Jesus, she was willing.

So in about an hour we will hop in the car and head for Channel 12 in downtown Phoenix. We are going to be guests of Positive Impact on "Arizona Midday" with Jineane Ford. It starts at 11 AM.

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