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Discharge with a special treat

Lindsay and Abby on the way home from Chemo #3 hospital stay.

Abby's "Thankfulness Tree" from her Chemo #3 hospital stay.

We were really blessed this time around--Dr. Abella arranged for a discharge at a reasonable time even though her chemo didn't get started until late. In addition, Abby got to have her best friend Lindsay visit and be there when she got let out of the hospital. Sorry about the picture quality, the attached photo was taken in the car on the way out of the hospital driveway.

We're on our way this afternoon so she can get stem cells tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who has been so faithful to pray. We continue to feel covered.

Amy wrote earlier about the "thankfulness tree" in Abby's hospital room. Anyone who came in to the room had to write what they were thankful for on a leaf and stick it to the tree. We ended up with 25 leaves on the tree!

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