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Good start

We got to the hospital at 12 yesterday so Abby's chemo got started later than last time, but she's doing great. Other than a few grumpy episodes when I insisted that she eat something healthy before consuming her potato chips Abby's spirits remain up and she is finding things to be thankful for. In fact, in preparation for Thanksgiving, we have made a "thankfulness tree" in her room. When people enter her room they are invited to write on a cut out leaf something they are thankful for and glue it to her tree.

Speaking of Abby's room-that is an answer to an unspoken prayer. This time Abby was placed in what I believe to be the best room in the whole oncology pod. There are no folding walls between our room and the others and there are actually two sets of doors leading into her room so it is very quiet. I slept with interruptions but I was able to fall back to sleep right away. Thank God for taking care of us!

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