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Good News

Abby's first two doses of the Nupogen went well today. The first dose was given through her new catheter in the PBMC at UMC. While we were waiting Dr. Graham checked for the preliminary report of the spinal tap. The results appear to be negative! The official report will arrive on Monday or Tuesday. The best part of that good news is that she will receive a lower dose of radiation to her spine than if her spine had shown signs of cancer cells.

The second dose of Nupogen was given by a home health care nurse at my parents' house. She trained C. R., Abby and I how to administer the 7 syringes of flush and medication to her lines. Abby is already getting to be an old pro. She insisted on being the one to plunge the syringe on everything she was permitted to. We may have a future nurse here!

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