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Memorial Day

Abby and Amy in the pool, Memorial Day

Elizabeth in the pool

Praise God!  We did finally get a Dilantin level back from the doctor, and we were right, it was high.  That was such a relief.  So Dr. Shafron dictated new dosages for it over the phone to Amy late last week and as of today Abby has had no more dizzy spells.

In fact Dr. Shafron even gave Abby clearance to swim, so we went to the Torlas' yearly Memorial Day swim party.  We had a great time.  The kids all swam their hearts out, we had hamburgers and hot dogs, Elizabeth even experienced her first summer swim.  She normally likes taking baths anyway, so being in that gigantic "bathtub" was lots of fun for her!

We appreciate your prayers so much,  please keep praying as we think we are going to Tucson this week for the catheter and stem cell collection, and possibly might have our initial meetings with the radiotherapist.

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