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Bone Scan

One of Amy's friends who is a cancer survivor wrote to us the other day that what often appears to be a setback is just God rerouting your direction because He is working out His plans. That has definitely turned out to be the case with Abby's extended hospital stay. We've been able to get two things done here that would have required outpatient work otherwise--the balancing of her meds, and a bone scan.

We went for the bone scan today. It was the easiest of all the tests we have done so far. Abby was only scared for the injection of the radioactive dye that they use for the scan, and it didn't even hurt since she still had the IV access in her arm.

Hopefully we will have the results soon.

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Audrey, Alex, Abby, Lindsay, Brad, Nathan, and Josiah

Abby had some of her friends come and play with her today at the "Froggy Playground" at Banner Desert.  It was a much needed relief for her, and us too.

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