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Surgery is done

First, let me say thank you so much for the prayers, offers of help, and good wishes. We have heard from so many people, it has been very comforting.

Abby came through the surgery extremely well. We even took her out for a walk yesterday afternoon. We are so amazed that less than 48 hours ago someone was inside her skull removing stuff that shouldn't be there. The surgeon also did an awesome job with her hair, shaving only a strip about 3/4 x 4 inches diagonally across the back of her head.

Her post surgical MRI is very good, unofficially (since the radiologist has not "signed off" on the review yet) showing no sign of further tumors either at the removal site or in her spine, which is where blue cell tumors also like to set up shop.

Our next step is with the hemotologist/oncologist, whom we hope to see today after he hears from the pathologist about the exact nature of the tumor. He did use the word "malignant" to describe the tumor. However, Dr. Shafron told us earlier that the brain is different than the other body organs--in other places in the body when you have a benign tumor removed you are done--it never comes back. Not true in the brain. There, doctors don't like benign tumors because they have much more trouble treating them. Conversely, they know how to treat malignant tumors. Further treatment will not be done during this hospital stay.

Abby could go home from the hospital tomorrow or Friday. All the drugs she is currently on (anti-seizure, steroid to control inflammation, and Tagamet to help with stomach irritation caused by the other two) can be taken orally. She had all her IV's except one removed this mornning and she is eating well. God has taken such good care of us.

They also just moved us out of Pediatric ICU to the regular pediatric unit.

I am so thankful to God. He has blessed us so much.

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