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Josiah wrote the following essay for his composition class at school. He said I could share it with you all.

Abby’s Panda
By Josiah Oldham
February 24, 2006

There was a great relationship between Abby and her stuffed animal, Panda. I think Panda was given to Abby when she was 2. She would always sleep with him. Abby liked Panda a lot.

Whenever Abby went to the hospital, Panda was always the very first thing they packed. Abby gave Panda an I.D. band that he wears around his neck. The I.D. band reads "Panda." When Abby had to have Fiducials for surgery, Panda always had one too.

After Abby died, and even today, Panda takes turns sleeping in Mine, Daniel’s and Elizabeth’s beds. I think he looks forward to my turn with him because I always keep him warm. I think Abby is seeing live Pandas in heaven. I bet they will hug her. Maybe there is a Panda with an I.D. band that looks exactly like Abby’s stuffed Panda!

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