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C. R., Amy, Abby, Josiah and Daniel with Marsie and Mindi from Child Life


Ms. Donalyn singing Happy Birthday

When we had Abby and Daniel's first birthday party at Bounce U the two of them agreed to give away their gifts to the pediatric oncology unit at BDMC. Abby especially felt like so many people had been so kind to her over the course of her treatment that she wanted to help those kids that were going in for chemotherapy.

So we appeared on the unit last Tuesday. We were lucky--the unit had only one bed empty (though some of the kids were overflow from the regular peds wing) and with the help of Mindi and Marsie from Child Life we were able to "play Santa" for kids from 3 to 15 years old. There isn't really anything like seeing a smile on a sick kid's face when a present appears in their room. Even if it takes their mind off their discomfort for 5 minutes, it's worth it.

Abby got to see Nurse Lesley also, as well as several of her other nurses from her many stays at this hospital.

Ms. Donalyn, the music therapist even rushed over to say (or rather shout--Ms. Donalyn doesn't do anything quietly) "Hi!!!!" and led the whole unit staff in an early chorus of "Happy Birthday" for Abby.

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