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Tough words

We just finished talking to Abby and Josiah about our situation. They both cried when they realized just what C.R. was saying. Abby was first concerned about missing us and then expressed more concern about everyone missing her. We assured her that although we will miss her a lot, she will be so happy up in heaven with Jesus. That seemed to comfort her.

In our conversation one of the kids stated, "So, it's impossible to get rid of all of the tumors?" C.R.'s answer was, "It's impossible for us, but nothing is impossible with God". We want Abby and Josiah to know that we will continue to ask God to heal her.

Pray with us that both Abby and Josiah will begin to accept and process this. Ask the Lord to give us great wisdom and insight into their hearts to know how to answer their questions.

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