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Hitting bottom

Abby hit zero counts yesterday so we're at the worst of her days now. She is handling the mucocitis well. We were able to start her on a pain medication that doesn't have the side-effect of itching like the morphine and it seems to be working for Abby, praise God. She's still in a lot of pain, but she keeps amazing us. She slept most of the day today so she missed doing her morning laps. I got her up this evening to see how many laps I could convince her to do. Even though it took a lot of effort, she stuck with it for all 16! What we all find even more amazing is that Abby does all her walking up on her toes in her ballet shoes! She is developing some great muscles and everyone on the unit is in awe.

We see occasional smiles from Abby which brings joy to our hearts because we know it must be hard to consider smiling when she feels so awful. She smiles most when we tell her funny things that Daniel and Elizabeth say and do. She also got a very big smile when she saw pictures of her new baby cousin, Axel, who was born on June 13. She thinks he's as cute as Elizabeth :)

We pray with expectation that in a few days her counts will begin to recover. God has been so good to us and we thank Him for that. Please continue to pray that she will develop no infections while her counts are down.

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