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Eyelashes are growing back!

Neupogen in the garbage!

Yea Party at School

Well, we have spent the past few weeks returning to a more "normal" routine. Abby enjoyed the immense pleasure of throwing away her remaining vials of neupogen. We are also enjoying watching her hair making its way back on her head. One day as I was helping her with Math, I noticed a neat, little row of eyelashes growing. Funny thing, it never occurred to me that her eyelashes had fallen out :)

We got the official report from the radiologist that confirmed that there is no evidence of any tumor. We also received the ok from the oncologist to discontinue Abby's magnesium so she is down to only 2 medications for the first time since this all began. She is scheduled for an EEG on March 1 and if those results are normal, her neurologist will discontinue the anticonvulsant. The other medication is an antibiotic that prevents one type of pneumonia. Since her immune system won't be back to normal for a while, she will continue to take that on the weekends for about 3 months.

In April she will have another MRI and if all looks good, we will discuss a date to remove her port.

This Sunday we leave for Orlando, Florida on a long-awaited vacation. The very generous Make-a-Wish Foundation granted Abby's wish to visit Walt Disney World so we'll be taking our first family vacation since October 2002. Please pray for a safe trip and that our family will be a witness for Jesus while we are in Florida. For the first part of our trip, we will be staying at a resort called Give Kids the World. It is a retreat specifically for families with children who have life-threatening illnesses. We will certainly have opportunities to encourage others while we are there.

We'll post photos when we get back. Until then, God Bless.

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Big Thanks from Abby

Thank you Everyone!

Dear Everybody,

Thank you for all the stuff you gave me. Thank you for praying for me too. I felt special knowing that you were praying for me. God answered your prayers. He made my cancer go away!

Mostly, THANK YOU, GOD for loving me and healing me!

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