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Hanging in there

Abby is tolerating her last round of chemo pretty well. As C.R. mentioned she had some vomiting when they gave her a dose of decadron both last night and early this morning. But, other than that, she seems to be doing fine. When she received her decadron this afternoon, the nurse infused it with more fluid over a longer time and Abby had no problems with it.

Keep praying that Abby will have a decent appetite and that she will be protected from any virus/bacteria she might encounter at the hospital.


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4 of 4 Started

Ahh, what a wonderful feeling. We brought Abby in today for the last of her 4 chemotherapy treatments. Her attitude was so sunny and cheerful, you could really tell that she was excited that we were finishing up.

So far she is doing well, other than acute nausea brought on by the decadron dose they give her just before they start the first chemo drug. We hope and pray that will be the only emesis episode this time around.

Now that the holiday season is really upon us, we hope you and yours will have wonderful opportunities to share, give, laugh, and love as this year draws to a close. Thank you again, as always, for praying for us. It has made all the difference.

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