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Abby had a long day today. She left with C.R. and Josiah at 8:30 this morning for an appointment with the oncologist. They discovered that she is nutropenic which essentially means she doesn't have enough immunity to fight off infections.

Her labs also indicated a need for blood and platelets so she was sent over to the Pediatric Outpatient Treatment Center at the hospital (which we will probably be visiting often so I'll start referring to it as the POTC). They returned home at 6:30 and we discovered after dinner that the low grade fever she has been manifesting the past 2 days had gone up to 102 degrees. So, the oncologist ordered her back to the hospital (fortunately they got to go straight to the Oncology Pod on the Pediatric floor).

My guess is that they will start her on fluids and IV antibiotics as well as culture her blood looking for infections.

You can pray that her hospital stay will be short, that they will find and treat the source of the infection quickly and that our family will survive being pulled in different directions once again.

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