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Radiation Finished

Abby at her last radiation treatment.

Rex the radiation tech putting Abby's mask on.

Abby with her mask on.

Rex conducting treatment.

Abby taking her mask off.

Abby, Barb, and Rex celebrating!

We're thrilled to announce that Abby completed her radiation treatment today! We originally hoped to have the whole family attend her last day but the Chicken Pox were right on schedule and Josiah, Daniel and Elizabeth are now dealing with their own itchy spots. Josiah has the worst case so far. His fever stayed pretty high for about 3 days and he has probably 5 times as many pox as Abby had. Daniel has only about 15 pox so far and Elizabeth has about 6. They will probably wake up with a few more tomorrow.

Anyway, we all celebrated by watching Finding Nemo and drinking Jamba Juice. Abby was cozy in her bed at 9 PM and quite excited about not having to wake up early tomorrow.

She has an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow and we hope to have enough information to make a treatment plan. The tentative plan at this point is to have a 6 week break and then start chemotherapy. She has an MRI scheduled for September 16 to check on the effectiveness of the radiation treatment.


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