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Line out

Abby's line removal went without any problems today. She was only sedated for about a total of 20 minutes and they had no difficulties. They did discover a clot in the red line which they sent for testing. If that comes back positive, she'll have to return to the hospital for more antibiotics. So, we're hoping NOT to hear from anyone in the next 5 days! At this point, we are done delivering antibiotics.

We had a laugh in the recovery room with Abby today. She was enjoying her post-procedure popcicle and she reached down to scratch her side. She looked at us with a disgusted look and said, "Good grief, another patch!" The post-op nurse had missed removing one of the sticky round patches they use for monitoring purposes. Poor Abby has probably ripped about 20 of those off her chest over the past 2 months and they are sooooo sticky! What I appreciate about Abby is that when I explained why her comment made me laugh, she cracked a little smile.

The plan is for a new line to be placed sometime next week. We are leaning towards a port which is a line with a disc that sits right under the skin. This is accessed with a needle every time it is needed. The port has a lower infection rate because there is nothing protruding from the body. The other advantage to a port is that it allows Abby to do things like swim, run and bathe with her little sister :) Abby likes that idea.

We are off to bed now minus our nursing IV pump, antibiotic syringes, saline and heparin flushes and alcohol preps....just washing faces and brushing pleasantly normal!

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