Abby is no longer neutropenic. Her counts are back up again so no more neupogen and she doesn't need to see the Oncologist for a couple of weeks. At Abby's request, we all had salad and Granny Smith apples with dinner. Of course, we had to offset all that healthy food with McDonalds chicken nuggets and fries too.

We'll keep you posted as things happen. Thanks again for praying!

12:56 AM, 07 Jan 2005 by Amy Oldham Permalink | Attach Photo


Woo hoo! Thanks for the good news! We're keepin' the faith!

by Aida Valenzuela on 01/07/05


I'm so glad to hear the good news. Abby, I'm so proud of you, little one. You are such a brave little girl. Keep trusting in the Lord, and I'll keep praying for you and your family. Love...Char Hayes

by Charlotte Hayes on 01/07/05

Amazing Love

Miss Abby we are so very glad to know that you are doing so much better. Your love of Our Lord is a ray of sunshine to all. God bless you with much Love & Peace on this beautiful day as we celebrate the wonderful news of your continued improvement. The power of prayer is awesome and we shall continue to pray for God's blessings on January 20th. Take Care & God Bless...Ms. Irene

by Irene Sullivan on 01/17/05

Doing good

Abby girl, I hear you are feeling very good and have even started dancing again. That's great news. I'm praying for you! Love, Aunt Shelly

by S Lingo on 01/19/05

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