Moving up

Abby went to the oncologist today and her counts were recovering, but she is still neutropenic. Her monocytes (one type of white blood cell) were in the normal range which tells us that her immune system is kicking back in again. The neutrophils will follow soon. Her hemoglobin and platelet counts were also good.

Abby was quite sad that she was still neutropenic (all our kids LOVE their fresh fruits and veggies and she can't have either when she's neutropenic), but she was glad that they discontinued her antibiotics and pulled her port access.

We will go back on Thursday to check her counts again.

On a more somber note, please pray for a little girl we met in the hospital during Abby's last chemo. Her name is Ava and she is almost 6. She is battling a very aggressive glial brain tumor and her treatments are not making a significant difference. Her mom seemed so disheartened when I spoke to her. I can only imagine what a heavy burden they are carrying.


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