Happy New Year's Day at home!

Happy New Year!

A message for the doctor.

Close up of Barbie message.

We brought Abby home from the hospital today. Initially we were a little frustrated that the doctor wouldn't let Abby go home on the 31st, but a late afternoon set of labs revealed that she needed another red cell transfusion. We were reminded that God has a reason for everything, even if it isn't immediately obvious to us. So, Abby and Mommy had a fun New Years celebration together at the hospital and Abby got to sleep through her transfusion at night.

We were able to keep Abby cheerful with a little amusement at the hospital during this stay. We decided to have a little fun with Abby's doctor and her cheerleader Barbie doll. The doll has removable letters on her shirt. Daddy and Abby spelled out " I want 2 go home" on her shirt and Mommy hung Barbie on Abby's door. Josiah wrote the greeting to the doctor. He and the other nurses and CNA's were amused and the doctor claimed we were engaging in "Barbie torture".

So, now we will administer antibiotics at home until Tuesday morning when we will go check her counts. She is already on her way up, so we are optimistic she will no longer be neutropenic by Tuesday.

The next step is to have an MRI sometime the week of the 10th. We'll post when we get the exact date. You can begin to pray that it will be clear of any sign of tumor.

We hope you'll have a great beginning of 2005.

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Ruby slippers

Abby girl, I'm glad Dr. Abella decided to free the Barbie hostage and send you both on home. Those pictures were hilarious! If that didn't work, we would need to get you a pair of ruby slippers so you could click your heels together and say "There's no place like home... there's no place like home." (I assume you have seen Wizard of Oz?) Have a great week. Happy New Year little princess! Love, Aunt Shelly

by S Lingo on 01/03/05

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