Fevers again

The last few days have been really great for Abby, she's been cheerful and feeling great, with a lot of energy. We've had some wonderful family times, including getting out for bike riding yesterday before the Arizona storms arrived.

Today we went to the oncologist for a followup to check her counts--she is neutropenic now, but her hemoglobin and platelets look OK, thanks to the transfusion she got earlier this week.

Late this afternoon though she started to get warm, and by 7:00 PM or so she had a real fever of about 103. A page to Dr. Abella was returned and we were to bring her in.

Thank God a bed opened up in Peds at BDMC, otherwise she might have had to spend the night in the ER.

Abby was not happy that a return trip to the hospital was imminent. Interestingly enough she took a lot of comfort when we reminded her that God doesn't do things by accident--maybe her visit to the hospital is because He has someone that needs to meet her to learn about Jesus?

We're praying that this visit will be like the others, with her temp returning to normal in just a couple of days. She is already on Cefepime, and is having blood cultures done to make sure she doesn't have an infection in her port itself.

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