On her way back up

Abby is still neutropenic, but her counts indicate she's on her way back up again. We spent the day at the hospital yesterday so she could get red cells and platelets again. She wasn't too low, but they wanted to be careful.

Abby will probably start her final round of chemo on December 19. We think we know her pattern enough to predict when she will end up in the hospital so we're praying that starting her chemo right before Christmas will ensure that we aren't in the hospital ON Christmas. Please pray for that...actually, we're praying for no hospitalizations this last time (although we are enjoying the opportunities to make connections with people).

Have a great weekend!

03:38 AM, 04 Dec 2004 by Amy Oldham Permalink | Attach Photo

Learning Abby's "patterns"

Am loving it that the doctors chose to "play it safe." Am loving it that Abby's "patterns" are visible to the family. Both indicate that things are being shown to you that will only benefit your lil girl as you all climb this mountain. Continuing to hold everyone in our prayers and in our hearts.

by Mary Grahlman on 12/04/04

Good to know

Yes, have been thinking and praying for y'all (as always). I'm glad to see that things are looking up a bit! Thank God! Aïda Valenzuela

by Aida Valenzuela on 12/04/04

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