God Sighting

Now that I have a few minutes I have to share with you all one of the ways God showed Himself to us yesterday.

C.R. stayed with Abby at the hospital Saturday night and was ready Sunday at noon for me to trade places with him. We wanted to avoid driving Josiah, Daniel and Elizabeth back and forth to the hospital and also wanted to preserve a much-needed nap time for Daniel and Elizabeth. So, I was calling around looking for someone to come to the house to watch the kids while we traded places. I wasn't having any luck when I talked to C.R. an hour later and he suggested I try to find someone to go to the hospital to sit with Abby instead of finding someone to watch the rest of the kids at our house. I made a call to my friend, Marilyn and spoke with her husband. I was surprised to hear that she wasn't at home, but that she was on her way to the hospital to see us. She had read our post that Abby was back in the hospital and thought we could use some encouraging so she got in the car and headed out. Wow!

Maybe God allowed Abby to be in the hospital just so we could see that glimpse of His hand in our lives.

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God Provides

God so often provides for our needs before we are even aware of them. We know He uses those around us to provide encouragement and support. I have been more than overwhelmed observing how your friends have, in too many ways to note here, showered their love and concern on Abby and your family. I take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation. May God bless them. Mom

by Virginia Wiersma on 11/02/04


It's moments like this that keep my faith going. Often I stop and ask why, for what reason? Answers never appear magically. My questions have no answers. But then, in the moment, you have an inkling that someone really is watching. That's what gives me hope. Be well.

by Andreatte Brachman on 11/02/04

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