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Happy Birthday, Abby!

Birthday flowers

Abby celebrated her 6th birthday this morning with her favorite breakfast of "cheese eggs" and fruit. God is good to allow her to celebrate her special day today before starting chemo # 2 tomorrow.

Praise God with us that her counts look good as we begin. Also, praise God that we have a great primary care pediatrition. They have been incredibly helpful in getting our kids on the priority list for a flu vaccine.

You can pray for decent sleep for Abby and mom in the hospital...especially that we'll be able to keep her vomiting under control and also keep her magnesium and potassium levels good.

08:44 PM, 23 Oct 2004 by Amy Oldham Permalink | Attach Photo

Happy birthday sweetie!

Wow, Abby, you are all smiles today on your birthday. Those must've been some great cheese eggs! I'm so glad to see your happy face and you look beautiful in Kristin's flower girl dress. Haley had a matching one; maybe it's up in Tucson. I hope you have a terrific time with your friends at your party. It looks like you got some Barbie stuff - I can't wait to come play again. Remind me to tell you about the horse's shorts; maybe I'll have pictures to show you by then. Speaking of pictures, did you get a photo from somebody on the east coast recently? You are a precious gift and God has great plans for you. Jesus loves you and we all love you! Hugs and Kisses.

by S Lingo on 10/23/04

Happy Birthday Abby O!

Abby G. wanted you to know she is thinking of you and missing you. We are glad you look so happy, it must have been a great day. We are praying for you. Happy Birthday. Love, Abby G and her family :)

by Mandy Greenleaf on 10/26/04

What a great birthday!

Abby, it was nice to see you and your friends enjoying yourselves at the ceramic store. The plate you all decorated is so pretty and we can't wait to see the colors when it comes out of the oven. We can put cookies on it when we have another Girls Club tea party. I'll bet the 'pretty girl' cake was good to eat. God loves you and we love you so much. Grandma and Grandpa

by Virginia Wiersma on 10/27/04

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