Counts are Up!

Abby had a great looking blood test today. Her neutrophils are at almost 6000 compared to the "almost 300" last Thursday. Wow! Dr. P says the neupogen shots artificially enhance the neutrophil counts so we can expect that number to drop in the next week (she gets to discontinue the shots until her next chemo round). However, she is looking great. Dr. P and the nurse said the quick recovery was due to Abby receiving her stem cells, but we mentioned that there were a lot of people praying for her recovery. We give God the glory for His hand in her healing!

Of course, when we left today I arranged everything and packed lots of stuff to keep Abby busy anticipating a trip to the POTC for a platelet infusion, but that was unnecessary. I won't complain, though.

Abby is scheduled for round 2 of her chemo to begin on October 24. Keep praying for her to build up her strength in preparation for that.


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Prayer is so very powerful

God continues to bless Abby.

by Mary Grahlman on 10/12/04

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