Amazing Kid

Well, our amazing kid gave herself a shot today. We weren't sure she would be able to do it, but she did. She was quite "vocal" while she did it (we are told by Abby and others that the neupogen burns as it is injected), but she inserted the needle and injected the medication with a little help from us.

Also, her headaches have ceased, Praise God. Thanks for praying for that. Her appetite is picking up a little. So, we're not as concerned, but do keep praying for that.

We will visit the oncologist on Monday to check her counts to see if they have "bottomed out" yet (meaning she has fallen below a certain number of white blood cells and other infection-fighting cells). Please pray that once that happens, her stem cells that we infused will do their job and start building up her immune system again.

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Abby, Congratulations on being brave enough to give yourself your own shot, especially since it hurt! I admire you for that. I will continue to pray for you. It must be hard to be sick a lot. I think you are very brave and I see Jesus in your life. You are an inspiration to many people in South Dakota. I wish you could be my student so I could get to know you better. Love, Jill Perfect

by Irene Sullivan on 10/06/04

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