Better every day

Today Abby had oral Versed (it's a mild sedative that makes you "feel good", but doesn't put you to sleep). She's been getting IV Versed for all her treatments, but we wanted to leave her port unaccessed so we tried out the oral stuff.

Abby was incredibly at peace today. She even decided to ham it up a little. Abby and I gave our ends of the yarn a little tug between 2 doses of radiation and then she shot her hand up in the air and gave us all a little princess wave to the camera. Everyone in the booth with me got quite a kick out of it. Her anesthesiologist (the "smiley doctor" who gives her an ink smiley face anywhere she wants each day he is there) was so excited about how well she is doing that he got on the phone and told his scheduling office that they needed to set him up to come back on Monday. He wants to bring his camera and take pictures to show to other patients who are going through radiation so they can see that it isn't so bad.

Abby was quite thrilled to be able to pull the needle out of her port today. She was even more thrilled at the thought of not having to access it again for quite a while. We feel so blessed by God this week. We have really felt His presence. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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