Her treatment today went 90% better! God has definitely given Abby an abundance of peace with all your prayers. She whimpered a little when they put her mask on (we'll try to post a picture of her mask when we have a chance so you know what we mean). Then, she whimpered again when we had to leave, but other than that she was great! She held still and didn't cry at all. It is great that we can talk to her with a microphone, watch her on a TV monitor and (at the advice of our Child Life Specialist) "hold her hand" by putting one end of a ball of yarn in her hand and one end in our hand running the yarn out the door of the radiation room and into the operating room where we stand. After each of the 7 series of radiation doses we give the yarn a tug while she does the same thing.

Abby is quite delighted with the thought of all the angels that were in her treatment room. She continues to imagine where they are sitting (she says there are at least 100 of them in there). She giggled and said that there was one on top of her mask. Thank God for giving her the comfort of His presence and the ability to trust Him.

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That yarn thing is such a creative idea. I wish I had thought of it! What a neat way to communicate during her radiation, and then she knows you're not far away either. I'm so proud of Abby for being brave in her mask. I am sure all her angel friends are cheering her on as well. Can't wait to see you all.

by S Lingo on 07/16/04

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