Half way point

Abby is half done with her radiation treatment. She is finished with her full cranial and her spinal dose. They started the focal treatments for the tumor sites about 3 days ago, so she was face-down for half of the time and then turned face-up. Since they are done with her spinal treatment, she will be face-up for the remaining 3 weeks.

Abby would like to try her treatment without sedation tomorrow since she can be face-up. She is still pretty hesitant about having the tight mask on, but we are encouraging her to do her best. She likes the idea of being able to eat before her treatments and not experiencing dizziness due to the sedation. Please pray for her to have peace as she tries this out tomorrow. I really believe that if she would just give it a try she will find it's not so bad.

Abby's hair is down to a few wisps now. It started falling out in clumps on July 5th and by the 8th it was off her head and all over our couches, cars and carpets. She dealt surprisingly well with it. She mentioned a few times that she was sad, but she was also able to take it in stride. She would make comments like, "I better put on a hat to go outside to cover my BALD head." She collected a lot of it in a baggie that she labeled, "Abby's Hair" (in case we weren't sure whose it was). She would also pull out clumps and tickle Josiah's nose with it.

Abby's "Hip-Hat" arrived in the mail yesterday. It's a wig-alternative. Essentially, it's a cotton cap with hair stitched to the edge. She wears one of her own hats over the top. We ordered a blonde, 12", straight one. She was quite thrilled with her instant long hair. She has worn it quite often since it came...rotating hats about every 2 hours. We're glad she has this small thing to make her treatment time more bearable.

We'll post another update with more about her chemo schedule after we get more information from our oncologist. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

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We are the friends of Rich from back at GBC. Our son had radiation back at the end of May/beginning of June for a brain tumor that he was born with that wants to keep growing~~it is not cancerous. His is part of a disease he has (Tuberous Sclerosis) and is also mentally impaired along with some physical disabilities. He has had 6 major surgeries to "debulk" the tumor as well as 9 procedures related to shunts he has needed. In spite of being mentally impaired and much anxiety from any hospital related things~~he used to have to be sedated for everything and has had profofol many times~~but he was able to lay on the table with his mask (we dubbed it his helmet since saying it was a mask made him think of breathing into a mask and having surgery!) and listen to his music and have daddy talk to him on the "radio" (intercom). We were so happy for this small blessing!!! The mask was actually security to him since he often has the sensation of falling by just laying on the table.......it seemed to hold him secure (we also were able to have a couple velcro straps/seatbelts to wrap around him which helped). Seth lost 3 circular patches of hair so he has started a new fad in hairstyles!! A few hairs are starting to return. Anyway, we can relate to some of what you are going through with precious Abby! (mentally, Seth has varying skills ranging from 3 years to 6 years of age). We continue to uphold Abby in prayer and the rest of the family as well~and I check the website almost daily. We have added you all to an email prayer network a friend has that goes literally all over the world!! Bless you on Abby's Journey~God will use this mightily for His Kingdom!!!! Love, Ginger (Tim, Kaelee, Becca and Seth too!)

by Ginger/Tim Kendrick on 07/14/04

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