Port Placed

We're home from the hospital. Abby's port placement went great. The surgeon and anesthesiologist were both extrememly accomodating to the number of special requests we had. Abby is beginning to show signs of great anxiety about being taken away from us while she is still awake. So, she got to fall asleep on my lap. Also, they accessed her new port and removed the IV from her hand while she was still asleep. So, she'll not have any "pokes" until next Monday. Her port will remain accessed through Friday for her daily sedation at radiation. Then, they'll pull the needle and she will be free from anything external for the weekend! And this time we checked to see that all the monitoring patches were pulled off before she woke up also. Now, we need to get her off to bed.

03:42 AM, 07 Jul 2004 by Amy Oldham Permalink | Attach Photo

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