stubborn line

We discovered this morning that the red line of Abby's catheter was once again refusing to draw back. We just had both lines injected on Friday with TPA to unblock them and when we left the office, they were both clear. Fortunately, we were already going to the oncologist's office this morning to draw blood for her weekly counts. They were able to clear the line again with the TPA, but Dr. Abella said we may have to consider removing this one and replacing it with a different type of catheter. Please pray that they will find a way to make this catheter function as it should so we can avoid the surgeries involved with replacing it.

Praise God that her bloodwork since leaving the hospital has produced NO signs of infection. Please continue to pray for the infections to stay away!

09:24 PM, 28 Jun 2004 by Amy Oldham Permalink | Attach Photo

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