So far so good

Praise God the Blue line cleared up after one dose of TPA (medication to clear the line)!

And, so far today the Red line is showing no signs of bacteria growing. They drew that blood early this morning so the further away from that time we get, the better off we are. Unfortunately, it can take up to 5 days to start growing. The lab will phone the nurses station immediately if the culture starts to produce bacteria so in this case no news is good news.

Optimistically, if nothing grows by tomorrow, we may be able to bring Abby home and continue antibiotic treatment ourselves.

Radiation treatment # 2 went well this morning. I'll let C.R. report on that since he was the one to go with Abby today.

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In our prayers

Amy, My heart goes out to you on what to say to a five year old through all she is experincing. Thank God that He gives wisdom for big medical decisions and for little things like proper responses to a child's questions. Have you found or been refered to any good books for kids on this subject. If this is something you'd like, but have not had time let me know and I can research the topic for you. I received a phone call from one of my dog class students explaining why she has been absent. She briefly left a message that her five year old daughter was unexpectedly having another brain surgery and she just couldn't make it to class. With God there is never concidences, I plan on sending her a card and perhaps God can use this opportunity for His greater purpose. Michelle

by michelle cufr on 06/23/04

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