Another block and Dr. Packer

I spoke with C.R. this morning as they were heading off to radiation. He says they are now not able to draw back in the blue line (this means it will flush with saline, but they can't draw a blood sample from that line). This is different than what happened last week in her red line. So, please pray that it will clear up on its own.

Also, I spoke with Dr. Packer in DC this morning. He just returned from the research symposium where he heard about the most recent studies. He was pleased to hear that Abby's 2nd surgery went well and that we started radiation. He says that the protocol we are following (which is the same one his team uses as well as St. Judes in Tennessee) is showing the most promising results.

I'm off to the hospital shortly to change shifts with C.R. so he can go to work. It was nice to sleep in a room free of IV pole beeps and at a temperature that doesn't require 7 layers of clothing. :)

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