Radiation Therapy to Proceed

We got a visit from one of the pediatric infectious disease specialists today. He told us that from his standpoint there was really no reason why she could not start her radiation therapy, the hospital (we think) would just have to transport her to where we are having the therapy done at Good Samaritan.

This is good news, finally we will be able to start adjuvant therapy.

12:17 AM, 21 Jun 2004 by C. R. Oldham Permalink | Attach Photo

Busy weekend

Amy & C.R., I must have checked your website right before all of this start to happen. No news was good news for those several days. We are glad to hear that she can start radiation tomorrow. Scott left today for ten days on a missions trip to Albania. He took 23 of our youth with him. One of the boys has suffered with Chron's disease. Just two years ago, it would have been out of the question that he could be in a foreign country for 11 days. God has healed and he is headed out there with Scott. We continue to pray for Abby's miracle. Michelle

by michelle cufr on 06/21/04

Thank you for sharing

Hi CR and Amy, I have followed your journey step by step and as with Chris', it is two steps forward, one step back. The important thing is the journey itself. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Elise

by elise hesser on 06/22/04

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